Salona Dental Protetika

Ceramic crowns and the skilled hands of our technicians work wonders!

If you want perfect esthetic results and you won’t settle by compromises, we recommend you non-metal ceramic crowns or the latest zirconium ceramics, designed and made by computer and the machine automatically, without the human hand.
At Salona Dental you can get the latest innovations in the field of dental medicine – titanium and zirconium ceramics made by CAD/CAM technology. This technology is based on 3D computer programs, therefore there is no possibility of human error.

If you are a candidate for ceramic crowns, you will get your new smile in a week.

We understand that most of our clients don’t want their gums to get darken. Zirconium ceramics exclude such thing and the smile remains snowy white. In case of receding gums in some areas, we use colored ceramics which mimic the color of your gums.

CAD-CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing)

CAD-CAM in stomatology helps to produce prosthetic replacements (inlay, onlay, crowns, bridges).
Using the CAD-CAM technology we shorten the treatment time, the procedure is very reliable, quick and pleasant both for the technician and for the patient.